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GP #LifeHacks 176: Requisition to PO – A Workflow gap identified!

If you’ve heard any of my ‘soapbox’ special discussions recently, you know that I am a huge fan of the enhancements flooding into Microsoft Dynamics GP.  In particular, I love to explore the workflow functionality!
Today I was asked a great question about controls involving turning a requisition into a PO.  At first, I was thinking that workflow handled this type of ‘control’.  However, after some discussion, I realized I was not listening well enough, and in fact, there is an easy way a requisition user can change the quantity, amount, etc… as they turn the requisition into a PO – after it was approved!  YIKES!!!!
GP Life Hack #176 – Requisition to PO – A Workflow gap identified! (and fixed!)

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GP #LifeHacks 152: Put individual Payable Documents on Hold

Putting a vendor on ‘Hold’ is a helpful option when we want to prevent any payments from being made against a particular vendor.  This can be done for a variety of reasons, for example, (and my favorite!) we might put a vendor on hold until we receive their W9 document.GPLifeHack 152 Image 1
This allows us to continue entering invoices but prevents payments being made to that vendor…. for all of that vendor’s invoices.
But… wait.  What if I just have a question about a particular invoice and don’t want to accidentally pay it, but do not want to put the vendor on hold?
GP Life Hack #152 – Put individual Payable Documents on Hold

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GP #LifeHacks 117: How to Quickly Resolve Navigation List Errors

Navigation Lists in GP are pretty powerful but often ignored for just a few simple reasons.  Either users are not aware of them, or they get errors when trying to open Navigation Lists so they just give up and never circle back to them.

GPLifeHack 117 Image 2

If you fall into the former group, Navigation Lists can be found by visiting a module within Microsoft Dynamics GP and looking in the left margin (Navigation Pane).  Navigation Lists can save you tons of valuable time by performing many tasks right from within the list itself.  For example, if you wanted to put a few vendors on ‘hold’, or approve multiple workflow documents at once, you could do this right from the list window.

“Focus Shawn!  Tell us more on Navigation Lists in another blog, for today, we want to learn how to fix that pesky error!”  Ok, Ok 🙂 Onto the fix.

As I mentioned, if you have tried using Navigation Lists, you may have received an error – something like rsAccessDenied400The permissions granted to user ‘XXXX’ are insufficient for performing this operation. blah blah blah.

GPLifeHack 117 Image 1
There is text for a link – I’m sure it does go ‘somewhere’ but the link is incomplete.

Oh well – either way, this error relates to the Reporting Services permissions from SQL Server.  Why is this happening?  Well, when opening a Navigation List, Business Analyzer (Think SSRS) wants to access a few KPI’s and you apparently do not have access to them!  NOOOOO PROBLEMO!!!

You can either resolve your user access to those KPI’s or just turn off Business Analyzer.  You can do this by clicking the Navigation List name (see my example below) and turning off Business Analyzer (CTRL+F2 will do the trick too!).  This setting applies to that specific list, for the user making the change.

GPLifeHack 117 Image 3

Easy.  But wait.. there are a lot of Navigation Lists, and that’s a painful workaround, for each user!  No problem.  Here is a script to turn off Navigation Lists for every user.  Run this against your system database (mine is currently set as ‘Dynamics’).  This script will turn off Business Analyzer for all users, for all lists, for all companies!

UPDATE DYNAMICS..SY07225 SET FactBoxVisible = 0

If at any time a user wants to use Business Analyzer, all they have to do is go into GP and check Business Analyzer for that list!

By default, any new Navigation List is going to be set to show Business Analyzer.  This can be resolved by creating a simple trigger to update the FactBoxVisible setting to 0 after a new list is created.  Run this script against your system database if you want new lists to automatically ‘hide’ the Business Analyzer.  Name it what you’d like 🙂

dbo.disable_BA_On_Nav_Lists on dbo.SY07225 AFTER INSERT
Update SY07225 SET FactBoxVisible = 0

Of course, you could also resolve the security access to the reports if you want to use the KPI’s… IMHO, KPI’s in the lists take up too much space and slow things down a little – if I need the KPI, I’d rather access them directly through SSRS.

I hope this was helpful!


GP #LifeHacks 103: Track JE's in #Excel – Paste into GP

I love Excel!  Who doesn’t, right?  As an accountant, I live in Excel.  This is the easiest place for me to track and create Journal Entries. But after all that work, how do we get it into our accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics GP? Easy, we just ‘Paste’ the entry. Simple, I know.

GP Life Hack #103
Dynamics GP offers the cool functionality of pasting in copied data from Excel.  This includes distribution reference, the GL Account number, Debit Amount and the Credit Amount:

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GP #LifeHacks 121: Keep your AP & AR in balance with your General Ledger

I know your team works hard… day in and day out… and at month end, you reconcile your Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable sub ledger to your GL Trial Balance with an optimistic approach that never seems to really pay off.  No matter how hard you try, there is always a reconciling adjustment needed in order to balance…  UGH!  Whether it’s a penny, 1,000.00 or 61,312.76… it’s downright frustrating.

What is causing this variance?  Usually it is a journal entry.  We all love them, but let’s be honest… not everyone makes journal entries with the same level of confidence as you do.  Let’s get this game of ‘tug of war’ fixed once and for all!

GP Life Hack #121

Here’s a little GP Life Hack that could save you hours and hours of research.  By using a setting on your Dynamics GP account maintenance window, you can restrict non system entries to certain accounts, specifically your AP or AR accounts.  After all, in order to balance the sub ledger to the general ledger, there should be strict continuity…. Right?  RIGHT!  So let’s get things in balance and keep them there once and for all.