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Come See Me at Summit 2019: Troubleshooting Dynamics GP

About My Session: Troubleshooting Dynamics GP

One of my sessions, sponsored by the GP User Group, will be a panel discussion for troubleshooting Dynamics GP. This panel will consist of Mark Polino, Rod O’Connor, Belinda Allen, and myself! A rock star panel – bring your challenges to discuss!

Track: IT Professional

Friday, October 18, 2019 | 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

How do I troubleshoot issues in Dynamics GP?

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Come See Me at Summit 2019: GP Life Hacks

About My Session: GP Life Hacks (GPUG)

One of my sessions, sponsored by the GP User Group, will focus on Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks – Life Hacks. We will cover overlooked functions, cool ways of handling certain situations, new functionality and MUCH MORE!

Track: Extracurriculars

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 | 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

GP Life Hacks: 40+ Ways to Save Time AND Be More Productive!

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Come hear me during Summit Australia!

Summit Australia 2019 is just around the corner! This event held ‘down under’ provides top notch content for all things Microsoft Business Applications!

The event will be held at the Crown Promenade Melbourne from August 21, 2019 through August 23rd, 2019!

Why you should attend?

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GP #LifeHacks 201: Faster Transaction Search

Fellow Microsoft MVP and friend Steve Endow has released a FANTASTIC replacement for the transaction search windows for PM and RM in Dynamics GP.

I will be posting a more detailed write up on this post soon but in the mean time, here is the link to his post for instructions, etc… it’s FAST AND FREE!!

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MBS Podcast #005: Packing for a Conference

Conference season for ERP professionals is rightpacking around the corner… or perhaps it’s already here, and that means a lot of travel!!  Join me and my friends Belinda Allen and Mark Polino as we chat on our latest podcast about traveling and packing!
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Moving Dynamics GP to the Cloud?

Come join me for a FREE workshop at the Microsoft Office in Charlotte!  We will be discussing how to get Dynamics GP in the cloud – best practices, options and things to be on the look out for!
March 26th, 2019
1:30p – 2:30p
8055 Microsoft Way, Charlotte, NC  28273
I hope to see you there!
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Shawn Dorward
Microsoft MVP, Business Applications | LinkedIn | Twitter | GPUG | MSDYNGP

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Jet Reports – Connecting the Data Source

Now that Jet Reports is installed, it’s time to connect to the Dynamics GP Data Source.
GP Data can be both on site (on premises) or in the cloud (Remote Data Service).
Below is a quick guide on how to connect to your data source!
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Jet Reports – GP Update Utility

Jet Reports for Dynamics GP comes with a very good selection of sample reports.  These sample reports are an excellent resource – not only to see what Jet Basics does, but how the reports are built!

Many of those sample reports rely on something called ‘Friendly Names’.
Friendly names are names that properly describe the content of that SQL Table, or SQL View… they are, well, friendly 🙂  Rather than your typical naming convention for GP – like GL20000.

Not only are the sample reports built using these friendly names, but it makes it much easier to use.

Also Jet Reports comes with several useful SQL Views… both the friendly names and SQL Views get installed using the GP Update Utility.
Below is a quick guide on how to use the GP Update Utility – PRO TIP!  It’s ok to add this later but I 100% recommend doing this before getting started.

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