GP #LifeHacks 108: Batch Recovery – Tip to manage this like a pro using Startup folder!

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a great feature that captures posting processes that have issues or get interrupted.  This is EXTREMELY helpful and helps protect GP users against many different reasons a batch would fail to post.
Normally we go into Batch Recover (Microsoft Dynamics GP>Tools>Routines>Batch Recovery) for two reasons:  We either receive an error when the batch tries posting (that we notice) or, at month end, when things aren’t necessarily making sense when reviewing our financials or our reconciliations.
Here is a tip to help make sure that postings that go to ‘Batch Recovery’ are noticed much sooner than month end, and helps save us tons of time!

Have you every used the startup folder on the Home screen navigation Pane?  This can be used to automatically launch files, macros, websites or WINDOWS within GP.
I used to use this SO much prior to GP2013 … why?  Well, because up to that point, printers could not be changed during the posting process, so I would recommend that users run a simple macro on startup: it opened up their print settings window.. (Cool, I know!!!!).
But that is behind us so I have a NEW favorite reason to use the Startup folder… put in the Batch recovery window so that every time you log in to GP, it pops up and shows you if there is anything in that state so you can take action.  Since this now opens every day, you will notice issues significantly sooner!  AWESOME!  Now you only have a few hours of memory lapse to deal with when you reach out to the person who tried to post it 🙂
So the process is easy… from your home screen, right click on ‘Startup’ in the navigation pane on the left.  You will see a few options, in this case (be sure to check out the other options), choose Add Window.
Startup Folder 1
Next, you will be prompted with the ‘Add Window Shortcut’ window.
Startup Folder 2
Don’t worry about giving it a name or anything, just scroll down until you see “Microsoft Dynamics GP” and expand that.. then select company.. then select Batch Recovery.  It will give it a default name (which you can change) and then choose the Add button.
Startup Folder 3
That’s it!  Next time and EVERY time you log in to GP, the Batch Recovery window will open!
Startup Folder 4
Do you like this functionality?  What other uses do you have for using the startup folder?
Be sure to check out how cool it is to execute macros on startup, or launch websites (think bank website) or even cooler… always launching your favorite smartlist…
Thanks for reading!

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