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Come Join Me! Summit NA Sessions!

Live In-Person Presentation at Summit NA

I am excited to share that I will be speaking IN PERSON at Community Summit NA!

Community Summit NA is an in-person event being held in Orlando Florida this year. The conference begins on October 10th and concludes on October 13th. You can register at the link above!

My List of Sessions

I am fortunate enough to have a full docket of sessions this year, ranging from Power BI, Dynamics GP, Business Central and YES!!! EVEN EXCEL!

Getting Started with Power BI10/10/20224:15 PMCoastal 1
Dynamics GP Life Hacks10/11/20229:40 AMOsceola 4
Business Central Life Hacks10/11/202211:00 AMOsceola 4
Workflow for Business Central10/12/20229:30 AMSarasota 1
Dynamics GP Panel – Ask the Experts10/12/20222:00 PMOsceola 2
BC/NAV ABC – Ask the Experts10/13/202210:00 AMCoastal 5
Excel Life Hacks! – Tips and Tricks for ALL Excel Users10/13/202211:15 AMSarasota 2

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Shawn Dorward

Microsoft MVP, Business Applications | LinkedIn | Twitter

Come Join Me! Dynamics GP Panel

About this Session: Dynamics GP Panel


Dynamics GP Panel | Ask the Experts


Do you have a GP question to ask? Not sure who to ask? We’ve assembled a group of experts that are here for you! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get feedback form an incredible panel. Topics of expertise include GP roadmap, upgrades, integrations, customization’s, payroll, ISVs and so much more.

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Come Join Me! Dynamics GP Life Hacks

About this Session: Dynamics GP Life Hacks


Dynamics GP Life Hacks | Tips and Tricks for the End User that will save you time!!


Life Hacks are designed for the end user to save time and be more efficient. Join me for this session to learn better ways to get the job done and show off your new GP skills back at the office! We will cover everything from navigation through reporting- and we will have a blast doing it too! Join me for this fast and fun session to cover over FORTY tips and tricks for GP!

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New Dynamics GP Forum Opened… and it’s FREE!

I am happy to share this exciting news! A free and open forum for Dynamics GP has been added to

Dynamics User Group (DUG) has been around for over 20 years as a free forum, mostly for AX and NAV. So it’s not new, but they JUST added a Dynamics GP leg to the user group. And why not… I mean, if you know GP’s history, a forum nicknamed DUG… SHOULD have Dynamics GP and this is VERY APPROPRIATE 🙂

I’ll be helping add color and context there as well as other forums, so check it out, post your questions, see what happens!

Community is and should always be free…

Dynamics User Group is the host of an upcoming FREE Dynamics Conference (Virtual/Online).

I am excited to be presenting about GP as well as being part of the keynote for this event! The event is March 16h – March 18th – and yup, it’s Free to register, free to participate and not only SOME of it is free.. it’s all free – easy enough?

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Shawn Dorward

Microsoft MVP, Business Applications | LinkedIn | Twitter

Dynamics GP LifeHacks Free Online Session at Dynamics Con! No Mask Required :)

About my session: Dynamics GP LifeHacks

Brand new to Dynamics Con this go around is Dynamics GP!

If you have missed having great GP content, checkout the full lineup for Dynamics Con. It’s Free and Virtual – No Mask Required!

The event is fairly new and it has had great success so far! Sessions are voted on by registered users, registration is free, participation is free… what?!?! This go around is March 16-18th, 2021.

Fast, Fun and FULL of tips and tricks! This session is all about Dynamics GP, for the end user, by an end user! 100% Free to attend, register and vote for sessions here!

Session Description:

Are you ready to be the office GP Champion? Join this session to explore over 40 different ways to save time, be more efficient AND use GP in ways you never thought were possible! Brand New for 2021! We will cover Financial Module, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and More!! 40 is a lot but no worries, full documentation will be included – come and have fun AND learn!

Please Register and Vote

As I mentioned, this event is 100% Virtual and 100% Free… but you need to register and vote!

About Dynamics Con

Like many things, conferences are moving more and more virtual. It’s not the same, but it’s better than nothing, and I happen to particularly like this brand new format and virtual conference, Dynamics Con. It’s a Dynamics 365 virtual conference.

  1. It’s 100% Free
  2. Sessions are voted on by attendees, top sessions make the cut


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Shawn Dorward

Microsoft MVP, Business Applications | LinkedIn | Twitter

Workflow Enhancements for Dynamics GP Fall 2019

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been updated to include several new features. The latest update was released in early October 2019 and I am VERY excited to say that the new features do NOT disappoint!

Included with this roll out, were several awesome and important workflow enhancements.

Below is an updated chart of workflow functionality by version/release as well as a quick peak at the latest and greatest changes for workflow!

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Automatically Highlight Active Row in Excel

I use Excel… a LOT, and for a very long time! With that comes the inevitable… my eyes aren’t as young as they used to be… plus, we tend to have a TON of data in our Excel file, sometimes making it harder to know which data is on the row that I am looking at.

I know, you can use themes, or highlight the row manually, but I want something dynamic. I want to highlight the active row (the row where my cursor is)… and I am greedy, I want it to change every time I change rows.

I personally think this should be a feature built into Excel, but I cannot find it anywhere – if you know of a different way, please post a comment below.

I’ve put together a few steps to automatically highlight my active row. Read on to see these steps and maybe put it to use for you!

The video below may take a moment to load – give it just a minute please – for some reason, wordpress doesn’t play well with ‘Gifs’. Comment below and let me know if you like this tip!

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Come See Me at Summit 2019: Considering Business Central

About My Session: Considering Business Central (GPUG)

One of my sessions, sponsored by the GP User Group, will be an interactive panel discussion about Business Central. What is it, what does it mean to GP customers, and much more! Windi Epperson, Rod O’Connor, Tanya Henderson and myself make up this panel so come join us for some open and honest discussions!

Track: Extracurriculars

Friday, October 18, 2019 | 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM

Should I be considering Dynamics 365 Business Central?

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