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Free Virtual Conference – Session Voting Ends Tomorrow 01/19/2022

Two Dorwards for the price of one (Still free haha)

I am beyond excited to announce that my son, Taylor Dorward, has thrown his hat into the ring for Dynamics Speaking to contribute to the community. While I will be speaking about Business Central, he is hoping to share the initial part of his power apps journey. More on our sessions below but wait… we NEED your help! Visit DynamicsCon and vote today!!

About My session (Shawn Dorward)

BC LifeHacks – 10 FREE Extensions You Should Know About!

Extensions are cool – and there are a lot of them… which is great… but it also makes it hard to learn about cool ones that you might benefit from. NO PROBLEM AT ALL! I have done the hard work for you – join me for this session as I share ten FREE (Not free trial, but FREE) extensions that you MUST know about!

About My Son’s Session (Taylor Dorward)

5 Things I Have Learned While Getting Started with PowerApps

Taylor is visually impaired… but that isn’t stopping him from giving PowerApps a go – why not right? It is meant for end users, right? Join Taylor for this session where he shares his 5 key takeaways for getting started with PowerApps. This session is for you if you are looking to learn what all the fuss is about 🙂


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BC #LifeHacks 109: Change Check Layout

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can indeed print paper checks… The default layout is called “Check”… and it’s a single stub and a single check. In my experience, most businesses don’t use this layout… so how do you change it to match your layout?

Below is a very brief write up to make this change using the additional out of the box options for Business Central.

I would like to say that the real solution to this is to pay your vendors electronically, but we can save that debate for a different day 🙂

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Free Virtual Conference Sessions – I need your votes!

About My session – Business Central Life Hacks

Back for another round of a free virtual conference, Dynamics Con is gaining more and more traction in the space as THE leader in virtual sessions for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This iteration will be held online September 20th through September 30th, 2021. You can see a list of all the submitted sessions at Dynamics Con website.

There are many sessions in each tract and I am excited to present a BRAND NEW version of BC Life Hacks.. but I need your votes! Please register and vote for my session and other sessions that you feel are of top interest to you.

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BC #LifeHacks 182: Combine or Merge Vendor Records

Have you ever noticed that you have multiple records in Business Central for the same Vendor? Perhaps the vendor sent an updated W9… and someone didn’t realize the vendor was already in the system, so they created a new vendor… or maybe they are a DBA and someone just searched by the wrong name… so, well… now you have two vendors for the same account. There are a lot of reasons this happens… and when it does, it can be frustrating, or at very least, cause lots of extra work!

Worse yet… what if those duplicates have transactions against them… so now you are stuck with 2 vendor records (or maybe even more) for the same vendor… UGH!

Well, you are in luck! There is a way to merge those master records and maintain all of your history!

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BC #LifeHacks 147: Edit Posted Transaction Descriptions

Have you ever posted a transaction… and just before clicking the post button you realize something was wrong in your description? But your mouse click was faster than your eyes… Yeah, me too. It just seems inevitable that no matter how much I try to make sure that I get it right… check, check again… triple check… I misspelll something, or just simply get it wrong. Ugh. When this happens, you may have just ‘rolled with it’ or even posted a correcting entry. Same here… There has to be a better way to handle this… and THERE IS!!

Below we will walk through a MUCH better way to handle these situations… you will LOVE IT!

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BC #LifeHacks 122: Change Which App is Used When Making a Phone Call

As you may know, clicking on a phone number withing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will prompt you to make a phone call.  This is pretty cool to me and is a big time saver!

Generally businesses are using Skype for Business, and upon install, this becomes the default application for invoking phone calls.  But with the increasing development on Teams, and the growing desire to change from Skype for Business to Teams… how do you tell the software to use Teams for phone calls instead of Skype?

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BC #LifeHacks 112: Jet Reports Error – Renew Jet Reports Financials

When trying to use Jet Reports connected to Business Central recently, I encountered an error that had me scratching my head!

I had a valid license but it kept giving me an error: “Renew Jet Reports Financials” – it further said in the dialogue box that my subscription had expired… but it didn’t… so what to do now?

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