GP #LifeHacks 141: Hide/Mask Social Security Numbers

Are you using the robust HR and Payroll module for Dynamics GP?  If so, I hope you are masking social security numbers on your reports!
A relatively new feature (GP 2015 R2) in the HR/Payroll module allows for automatically masking of SSN’s on certain reports.  It’s actually quite simple.
Here is a step by step on how to implement this feature on some key reports in your system.  It’s a piece of cake!!If you want to use the out of the box feature to automatically mask social security numbers, navigate to the HR/Payroll Module, then Setup/Payroll/Payroll:
GPLifeHacks 141 - 1a.JPG
Then click on the “SSN Mask” button – this will open up the Report Masking Window.
GPLifeHacks 141 - 1b
As shown above, you can choose Mark all, or manually select the reports that apply in your organization.
That’s it!  Close the window (log out and back in) and moving forward, the selected reports will show “XXX-XX-XXXX” where the social security number once was!
GPLifeHacks 141 - 1c
This is a company wide setting so it applies to all users.  There is no change needed for your Alt/Mod Forms/Reports ID… in fact, EVEN if you are using a modified version of these reports, the SSN will be masked automatically if you have selected it in the Report Masking window!
Here is a list of the available reports for this feature:

  • Check Register

  • Cross Company Employee Address List
  • Cross Company Vacation/Sick Time Available List
  • Direct Deposit Check Register
  • Direct Deposit Detail List
  • Direct Deposit List
  • Direct Deposit Register
  • Direct Deposit Statement of Earnings
  • Earnings Register
  • Employee Address List
  • Employee Checks Other-D
  • Employee Checks Other-L
  • Employee Checks Stub on Bottom-D
  • Employee Checks Stub on Top and Bottom-L
  • Employee Checks Stub on Top-D
  • FICA Wage Report
  • FUTA Summary
  • FUTA Summary – Consolidated
  • Manual Check Register
  • Pre-Check Report
  • Reprint Check Register
  • Reprint Vac/Sick Accrual Register
  • State Wage And Hour Report
  • SUTA Summary
  • SUTA Summary – Consolidated
  • Vacation/Sick Time Accrual Register
  • Vacation/Sick Time Available List
  • Workers Compensation Summary
  • Workers Compensation Summary – Consolidated

Thanks for reading!

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