Dynamics GP & Power BI – Connecting GP OData to Power BI Desktop

This blog post is part of a series of blogs designed to help a business understand the interaction between Dynamics GP and Power BI, how to setup Power BI with Dynamics GP and what some of the options are for this functionality.  This write up was done using Dynamics GP 2018.

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How to connect Dynamics GP OData to Power BI

Step 1:  Install Power BI Desktop (you will need an account as well).

Step 2: Connect to OData Feed

You can use the OData URL for specific feeds or you can use the directory that contains the feeds that you published.  Using a directory for your URL is easy to do:  all you have to do is truncate the individual feed name from the URL.

Example: To connect to a specific OData Object in my examples from this blog, I would use:


However, if I wanted to just see a list of objects, I would use:


(Note – GP18R refers to my company database name)

In Power BI Desktop, Choose “Get Data” from the data sources section in the ribbon (this can be done from a new report or an existing report).  Choose OData Feed.

GPPBI - 4 - 1a

As I mentioned, enter in your Published URL – In my example, I’ve dropped the Service name from my URL.  Notice there is no trailing forward slash.  This should be done while logged in as the directory user that you assigned to the GP user account. (Step 4 here)

GPPBI - 4 - 1

The full list of available objects are displayed.

GPPBI - 4 - 2

Simply check the service you would like to load, and click the ‘load’ button on the bottom right.  Once the data loads into Power BI, you can start building your reports!

SWEET!!!!  Just start adding visualizations and fields and you are ready to rock!

GPPBI - 4 - 3.png

That’s it!  You’ve connected your GP OData to Power BI Desktop.

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Thanks for reading!


Shawn Dorward

Microsoft MVP, Business Solutions

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Original Post: https://gplifehacks.com/2018/02/20/dynamics-gp-power-bi-connecting-gp-odata-to-power-bi/

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