Dynamics GP & Power BI – Setting up the OData Service

This blog post is part of a series of blogs designed to help a business understand the interaction between Dynamics GP and Power BI, how to setup Power BI with Dynamics GP and what some of the options are for this functionality.  This write up was done using Dynamics GP 2018.
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How to Setup the OData Service with Dynamics GP

Step 1:

Launch the Dynamics GP setup.exe (install file) and click GP OData Service, then choose Install

GPPBI - 2 - 1a

Step 2:

Accept License Agreement (well, only if you want to 🙂 ), then choose Next.

GPPBI - 2 - 2

Step 3:

Add Server Name, Dynamics System Database Name and then click Next.

My system database name is DYNGP18RTM – yours will likely be ‘Dynamics’.
GPPBI - 2 - 3a

Step 4: Provide the configuration information.

The default port is 443, which I left unchanged.  I created a new SSL certificate for OData but if you have one already for the webclient that should work just fine.  Also on this window you need to designate a service account that will be used for the Odata Service.  I am using my administrator account. You can use a global GP Service or one specific for OData… either way, make sure it has been been granted access to the DYNGRP in SQL.  Once everything is populated, click Next.
GPPBI - 2 - 4a

Step 5: Click Install

The installer will do all the work for you and then you can click Exit to close the service installer.
GPPBI - 2 - 5
GPPBI - 2 - 6.png
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