BC #LifeHacks 112: Jet Reports Error – Renew Jet Reports Financials

When trying to use Jet Reports connected to Business Central recently, I encountered an error that had me scratching my head!

I had a valid license but it kept giving me an error: “Renew Jet Reports Financials” – it further said in the dialogue box that my subscription had expired… but it didn’t… so what to do now?

After doing some digging and getting some help from the excellent Jet Global support team, we figured out that I just simply had the WRONG product installed… well what do you know!?!?!  Jet Global has many offerings and if you work with them long enough, you will love their product like I do.. but with all those offerings, it can get a little confusing…

So, my confusion came from the close naming of two products:

The one I had installed was “Jet Reports Financials” but I really needed “Jet Reports” installed… pretty close in the name, but it sure is important to use the correct product 🙂

Steps Taken to Resolve Error

The resolution was pretty simple once I had it figured out – here are the steps I followed:

1) Uninstall Jet Reports Financials from your machine.
2) Install the latest Jet Reports extension in Business Central (not Jet Reports Financials).
3) Download the latest release of Jet Reports from here: https://jetglobal.com/downloads
4) Install the latest release of the Jet Reports 2019 Jet Excel Add-In.
5) Open Excel > Jet > Help > Activate Jet License… > Activate Jet Online > and enter your activation code.
6) Open the Jet Data Source Settings and add a new ‘Dynamics 365 Business Central’ data source and then sign into your Business Central tenant.

Once I followed these steps, I was off connecting to my Business Central data in no time!

I hope this helps!

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