BC #LifeHacks 183: Import Multiple Inventory Images at Once

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers the ability to add images to inventory items. The process is pretty straight forward form the inventory item card but what if you have MANY inventory items and you want to add photos to them all? That could take a long time to process if you do them one by one.

Problem solved! With the April 2019 release, you can now add these images in bulk. Let’s take a look at how this is done.

How do we do this?

To do this, we need to start at the inventory setup window. Use the search and search for/select ‘inventory setup’.

Now that the inventory setup window is open, choose General and then Import Item Pictures.

The ‘Import Item Images’ window opens and here we can see our options.

This process uses a .zip file to import the images… simply add your images all to a zip file that you will use to import on this window. When importing, you can elect to replace existing pictures as well. If a picture exists and this options is not marked, the image will get skipped.

The images can be in most standard formats (bmp, png, jpg, etc) but they do have to be named with the inventory item id. This is how the process knows which inventory item to assign to the image. Be sure to do this BEFORE creating your zip file.

What it looks like

In my example below, note the differences between the 3 items:

1 – A match with the file name to an item ID was found. The item has an image so this will be skipped (because I did not select ‘replace pictures’ from the option above).

2 – A match with the file name to an item ID was found. The item does not have an image, so this will be processed (currently showing pending, because we have not yet hit the import images button from the ribbon).

3 – No match with the file name to an item ID was found. This item will be skipped.

When I am ready to process, simply hit the import pictures button.

After you import the images, the status will get updated… and just like THAT, you have processed and attached images for inventory items in bulk. GREAT JOB!

I hope that helps!

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