BC #LifeHacks 147: Edit Posted Transaction Descriptions

Have you ever posted a transaction… and just before clicking the post button you realize something was wrong in your description? But your mouse click was faster than your eyes… Yeah, me too. It just seems inevitable that no matter how much I try to make sure that I get it right… check, check again… triple check… I misspelll something, or just simply get it wrong. Ugh. When this happens, you may have just ‘rolled with it’ or even posted a correcting entry. Same here… There has to be a better way to handle this… and THERE IS!!

Below we will walk through a MUCH better way to handle these situations… you will LOVE IT!

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there are so many cool features… and they just keep coming! I am excited to share a VERY cool feature… the ability to change a description of a posted journal… yup… that’s right! Before any of you start pulling out the pitch forks… take a deep breath… this comes complete with a change log tracker!

In the example below, I am in the ‘general ledger entries’ list for a particular account… as you can see, I have a few transactions… including their descriptions… by default, I cannot change the descriptions… well, because they are posted… right?

I can’t change the description? It’s not the account number… or the date… so I really SHOULD be able to change it…

You can… simply click the edit list button at the top of the list, and the Description field becomes EDITABLE!!! WHAT!?!?!? THAT’S AWESOME!

Once you are in EDIT MODE, go ahead an update the description field. The system will track the change in a log file. The change log file is easily accessible so you can keep up with these changes. Do you want to be notified when something is added to the change log… I bet Microsoft FLOW can do that (stay tuned… I will actually try that)… and I am certain the change log data can be viewed and/or pushed into Power BI!

To see the change log, search for ‘Change Log Entries’.

The change log is super helpful too – it’s not ‘almost right’ – it’s right! It includes date, time, user, before change, after change, and MORE!

OH, one last thing – you can perform maintenance on the change log… Business Central includes a great utility (found under ‘actions’) available that allows you to filter the data… and purge the records… ya know… so we aren’t keeping that change history forever!

Pro Tip! Schedule the change log maintenance to run periodically and purge the data you no longer need… saving you time.. the task… and the space! This is easy to do by clicking the ‘Schedule’ button in the image above.

I hope that helps!

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