BC #LifeHacks 109: Change Check Layout

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can indeed print paper checks… The default layout is called “Check”… and it’s a single stub and a single check. In my experience, most businesses don’t use this layout… so how do you change it to match your layout?

Below is a very brief write up to make this change using the additional out of the box options for Business Central.

I would like to say that the real solution to this is to pay your vendors electronically, but we can save that debate for a different day 🙂

Each report (and yes, the check layout is considered a report) has a report ID in Business Central. To change the check layout used, you need to know where to go, and what ID to use… it’s not that hard, and it’s done for all users for the company.

To make the change for your check layout, search for “Report Selection – Bank Account”.

The ‘Usage’ field should be defaulted to ‘Check’ but if it’s not, make sure to select check.

From here, just simply change your report ID.

The default is ID 1401 – Check.

The current options available are:

  • 10411 – Check (Stub/Check/Stub)
  • 10412 – Check (Check/Stub/Stub)
  • 10413 – Three Checks per Page

After you change the report ID, the record will be saved and new computer checks will use this format!

That’s IT!!! You did it!!!!! I hope this helps!

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