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DynamicsCon VirtualMarch 2022

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[Music] well hello there everyone and thank you

0:09 for joining me one more time for a session at dynamics

0:15 con here in 2022 can you believe it it’s almost spring you can kind of feel it in the air at

0:20 least here in south carolina where i am it’s almost 80 degrees today which is really really great

0:26 at least for me i want to thank you again for voting for my session for this uh wave of dynamics khan

0:34 i love this conference and i love sharing things that i get to discover throughout the space and

0:39 business central with you and today we’re going to talk about 10 free

0:46 extensions from appsource but before we get started just a little bit about myself so my name is sean

0:53 dorward if you’re not familiar i am a microsoft mvp i’m the practice director at sa global

0:59 formerly known as dynamic consulting we merged with sa global here just the beginning of this year

1:05 feel free to check out our website follow me on twitter all the good social things like things my personal blog site

1:12 lifehacks365.com be sure to follow that for all cool things

1:17 business central dynamics gp power bi excel there’s a great write-up out there in excel it gets a lot of feedback check

1:24 that out as well and how to automatically highlight a row a little bit more about me i am a practice

1:29 director at sa global so i support and service our smb team the business central group and the dynamics gp group

1:37 i work alongside some great talent there let’s go ahead and get started because i

1:42 think you’re here to learn about extensions and some cool ones so let’s go ahead and do that so a couple things

1:48 to set the stage here for our time in this session first i looked at all of the apps out there in

1:55 appsource there are a lot which is really cool but i wanted to find free ones not free

2:01 trial ones so what you’re going to see today are truly free and there are many more out there and

2:08 there are some many free trials as well but these are just free and these aren’t

2:15 things that i just grabbed and didn’t try we’re going to look at them today um and i think these are pretty cool they

2:22 may work for you they may not but i wanted to share them with you so this is just to be clear not the only ten

2:28 there are many more uh but these are ten so if you’re not on the list don’t feel offended i didn’t do this in any kind of

2:34 order except i wanted to have a good balance of what functionality uh the folks here at dynamoscom might

2:39 appreciate a little bit of a disclaimer i’m not really endorsing a particular company necessarily i’m not

2:45 not endorsing them either i’m here just saying these are free and these are pretty helpful maybe you should check

2:50 them out we’re going to talk about how to get those extensions and also um what extensions and learn

2:57 how to find out what extensions you have in your system because if you’re curious

3:03 what is core versus what is extension i’m going to show you how to do that too so let’s

3:08 get into it so first off extensions so extensions if you want to know how you see your

3:15 extensions i’m going to jump over into business central so let’s go ahead and search for extension management

3:21 extension management so there we go good job sean and we’re going to search for that now

3:28 i’m going to open up extension management now keep in mind you have to have access to this window so if it doesn’t return maybe maybe you

3:33 misspelled it but the search is pretty good there this is a list of all the extensions in your environment

3:40 uh not just the company keep that in mind so as you install an extension it works for all the companies

3:46 in that environment so you want to be sure as you try them out do this in a sandbox right you want to

3:52 make sure you’re not disrupting production here’s a list of all of the extensions a little bit of a sneak peek

3:58 at some of them that we’re going to talk about today but what we can do from here is we go to more

4:03 actions or excuse me manage and we’re going to go to extension marketplace this is where you search for extensions

4:10 you can also go to appsource directly out on the web now this can get a little

4:15 confusing because there are a lot of things out there to to check on and it’s it’s a little admittedly it’s a little

4:22 difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for you know so if you have a problem

4:28 and you’re trying to solve it you know check out my hook while the dj revolves it kind of thing then you can search for

4:35 it but you might have a little hard time one of your best bets though is to check with the community like doug here with

4:40 dynamics con so be sure to check out the forums and ask the questions and maybe people

4:46 have used an extension that can solve your problem already so check that out okay so that’s how you look for an

4:52 extension now i went through these and found 10

4:57 10 count of 10 free extensions we’re going to walk through today so what else did i promise in our powerpoint show how we’re going

5:04 to get i wanted to make sure that you’re aware that these are by environment not by company that’s critical

5:09 so let’s go ahead and jump into the first one here this is excel journal import now you may

5:17 have used configuration packages before you may have used excel’s copy and paste

5:24 or the interoperability with excel to copy from excel and paste

5:29 into the journal entry that works and i’m not here to diss that that’s for sure but this works better and we’re

5:36 going to take a look at excel journal import now each one of these extensions

5:41 i’ve gone ahead and you’ll get this slide deck i’ve gone ahead and i put a link to the actual extension

5:46 out on appsource which should make it nice and easy for you to find it right um so if you

5:52 like it you could try it go to your sandbox and install it also where applicable

5:58 i’ve also included a link to the manual most of them had a manual some of them had like a fact sheet

6:04 um and the reason i did that was because when i first went into the marketplace

6:10 i felt a little a little alone when i installed these extensions until i

6:15 realized that there was a page that had the actual manual so i’m going to click

6:20 this link here in our powerpoint we’re going to go over into into the web browser and here is the excel

6:27 journal import now as you search for these you can see some information here down our screen

6:33 that is talking about what this is notice its pricing is free and i can click on details and support

6:39 and right here is the user guide but don’t worry it’s on that slide deck as well so in order to install this you have to

6:44 one be logged into the environment two have access security access not

6:50 everybody can and not everybody should be able to install extensions in a sandbox sure that’s fine but let’s

6:57 go ahead and get this now i’ve already installed it my environment because that does take a minute or two to install

7:03 not too long actually but for the purpose of this recording i went ahead and did it early so let’s open

7:09 excel and i’m going to open up my journal entry now in this particular journal entry

7:14 file like most true accountants we love and and live in excel i’ve got two tabs

7:21 monthly and default as you can see down here at the bottom and i’ve also got a blank i’m going to talk about that blank

7:27 in a minute you might be able to figure that out before we get there but very simply all these columns as long as

7:34 the column header matches in excel to what the column is in business central it will bring it in so let’s go ahead

7:39 and do this i’m going to close it notice i have this in here i can do all the excel coolness you know drag and drop

7:45 and use formulas i’m going to close my file and i’m going to go over into business

7:52 central so now here in business central for this particular extension i’m going to go

7:57 into my chart or excuse my general journals and now my general journals i’ve got two

8:03 batches i’ve got default and monthly let’s open up default and i’ve got nothing in here now i can

8:10 copy i can key these in i can copy and paste from excel but let’s just go to process and import from excel

8:16 this is that extension that free extension i’m going to tell the template name the batch in particular is very important

8:23 because that’s where these entry lines are going to hit i’m going to put this in default and then i’m going to pick my

8:29 file i’m going to choose it i have mine on my desktop there’s my file what’s great about this i’m going to

8:36 tell it which tab right i want my default that i do default i did default good job sean

8:43 i want the tab called default and then notice now i have one file and

8:48 multiple tabs which is really where we’re going with the coolness of this i can add new imported lines to existing

8:54 entries or i can delete existing lines in that batch let’s say it’s a recurring batch we posted it for last month we’re

9:01 going to start over our system of truth in this case for journal entries is excel so we’re going to delete existing

9:07 lines and i’m going to say okay just like that i’ve got 12 that was not

9:13 recording magic it was that fast it was like boom here it is now let’s say i get it in

9:19 here and i realize oh i made a mistake now i can delete some of these you know

9:25 this is just regular business central i don’t have to worry about this if you’ve ever suffered with this like i do like

9:31 highlighting these and then holding the shift down to delete or whatever it is you know to get rid of certain lines

9:37 sometimes it deletes one line sometimes it deletes all the lines no worries let’s let’s think of this a different way i’m going to go into process import

9:44 my excel because i have this delete existing line down here that clears out the batch but i can also

9:51 do something that i find pretty nice i can go ahead and clean out

9:56 my batch by just using a blank template and it

10:01 gets rid of everything so now if i say okay i want to just free key this in there i can do that that’s pretty cool i

10:07 hope you like that that’s free that’s excel import excel journal import incidentally it’s also available

10:15 from the batch window so we could go to process and import from excel the reason for

10:20 that is because as you can see on the screen you can you can designate the batch um so even if i was in default here and

10:28 i imported this but i selected monthly it would go into the monthly batch if that makes sense let me know in the chat

10:33 if you like that if you think that’s cool it’s free um pretty cool i like it

10:39 okay so a little bit of a screen shot there for you

10:47 next up on our list is bulk emailing customers or vendors again the link to

10:53 appsource here i’m going to go ahead and click that same exact situation right

10:58 and in information about the extension we’re not going to do this for everyone you could just determine if you like it

11:03 or not what’s great about some of these extensions is folks are putting videos along with this so that you can see it

11:09 in action or maybe hear a little bit of the sales pitch of the elevator pitch for it which i watched all these to kind

11:14 of figure out which ones were going to be great to show today but let’s talk about this one and this one is bulk emailing customers

11:22 or vendors so i’m going to just do this with customers and i’m going to go into customers now i

11:27 only got a few customers in here in good old chronos usa and i’m going to select if i just

11:33 highlight one customer and i go to let’s see if i can remember where it is

11:39 there we go go to process and then send email this is going to let me send an email to this one customer

11:45 but if i select this and i pick these other

11:50 three customers and i go to process you notice send email is no longer available

11:57 this extension free in the app source is going to get us the ability to do that

12:02 it’s under actions email and send email a little bit of a couple steps let’s see

12:10 there we go and now it’s opened up an outlook new message with those email addresses in the two line you probably

12:17 don’t want to do that you probably want to just copy them out of the 2 2 line

12:22 and put them in the bcc line so if you’re sending some kind of bulk communication whoops

12:29 my colleague andy there almost got junk mail bulk communication i’d probably put it

12:34 in the bcc line but no different uh to me what you choose but just know that that’s a possibility

12:40 it’s not going to compose the email for us we have to type it out and put all the niceties in there that we need to very cool

12:47 at the right price free free app in appsource for business central

12:52 that one is pretty cool what do you think of that you like that in the chat too risky to send bulk emails to

12:58 customers maybe you forget to change it from the two and now your customers know who our other customers are i don’t know

13:04 seems harmless but definitely beneficial another good use case might be you have a collection of vendors you

13:10 need to send and request updated uh updated w-9s for and it’s more of a generic email so

13:17 you can grab everybody from there pretty cool let’s move on

13:23 okay so a screenshot there just showing as a reminder i like to put the actual action in screenshots so that when you

13:28 see these you know how to get there honestly this one was a little buried um but still you know for how infrequently

13:34 you might use this that’s not bad at all okay so next on our list number three i

13:40 think is required fields now this is something that’s a little interesting it’s called mandatory fields

13:46 in business central but it’s got a lot of other kind of things you can do with it like setting conditions for values in

13:52 fields and you could do this with the extension without coding now one thing that i did notice about this is after i

13:59 said something to be mandatory it really was just giving me a warning it really wasn’t enforcing like that i

14:05 couldn’t save the record which also is sort of the case for some of the required fields throughout

14:11 business central but at least you get a pop-up which i think is helpful so let’s take a look at

14:17 required fields this is searchable by mandatory so i’m going to search for mandatory

14:23 field mandatory field setup list

14:29 now when we get in here i’ve already been playing with this a little bit as you can see i’m going to go into customer

14:36 and right here in customer i’ve got some already set up so let’s look at tax

14:42 registration number tax registration number set as a required field all you have to do is pick the field id you

14:49 click the three dots and it gives you a list of all of the fields available on this master record so you

14:55 don’t have to know the number you just have to search for don’t forget that little search is up here on all these list windows so i’ve got mine set for

15:01 tax registration number let’s go ahead and go into the customer field and see

15:07 if that worked okay great so like i said let’s go look at the customer list and here we are from our experiment with the

15:14 email before here’s our customer list we’re going to go into our first customer and if i look at tax

15:20 registration number here i’m going to slide down the tax registration number see that it’s blank if i put something

15:27 in there and then exit i don’t get a pop-up

15:32 but if i put some if i take that out and i exit which is the same as saving

15:39 the record i’ll take that out

15:45 and head back you see i get this pop-up telling me hey you told me this was a mandatory field

15:51 now maybe the name is a little misleading depends on how you define mandatory right but at least it’s

15:56 telling you and i think that’s helpful it certainly is going to help folks who are keying in these master records maybe

16:02 that’s important to you on the address level tax registration maybe you always want to capture an email address this is

16:08 great and it is free so that is mandatory fields or required fields as i

16:15 have it identified here it does a bit more like i said those conditional things so check out the manual and watch

16:20 the video and get it set up and test it in your sandbox you can also use the assisted setup for this which really

16:27 just took us to the same uh mandatory field setup list all right next up is electronic

16:32 signature this one you’re gonna love or at least i love and this is 100 free so the scenario

16:38 here is i have checks in business central that i want to print and i want to have

16:45 signatures electronic signatures automatically placed on the check based on threshold

16:51 so maybe in our case today we’re going to talk about if it’s under 10 000 i have one signer over 10 000

16:58 i have two signers and i want those to print electronically and you can even go one step further and say if it’s if it’s

17:04 over us an even higher dollar amount let’s say maybe 50 000 you want no signatures to print

17:09 and actually has to be pen on paper signed this is brought to us by mccorma out in the app source i love this their

17:16 videos are great super intuitive and it was very easy for me to set up so

17:21 let’s jump over into business central and i’m going to search for

17:26 mccormack and the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to upload the signatures now the resolution of the

17:33 signature is dictated by uh by mccorma and and some business central restrictions plus the check

17:39 itself so be sure to check the manual on what the actual resolution is for that but

17:45 basically all we do is we give it an id a description and then you upload or

17:51 import the signature now i just use something silly here uh raising hand from teams that is what i’m going to put

17:58 in a signature one and i also have another signature that i’m going to go ahead and set up that maybe is like my

18:04 super signer my extra signer and i’ll call this second signature with that good looking fella there now

18:10 naturally those are not the right aspect ratios for the signature file you have to upload the proper signature file but

18:16 once we do that we’re going to search again for mccorma

18:22 and we’re going to go to threshold list now this is where you define

18:28 what is going to happen based on certain dollar amounts right so when i said a minute ago

18:34 uh we got to go into details when i said a minute ago up to ten thousand dollars so i have that in here from zero dollars

18:40 up to 99999 use signature one and print it on the signature line one and then

18:46 here i have from 10 000 all the way up to whatever um use signature line one

18:52 signature image one on signature line one and signature image two on signature

18:58 line two now that is what is going to happen when the check is printed so what i want to make sure you’re aware

19:05 of is that there’s another element to this that you have to take advantage of and that is uh

19:10 workflow within business central so if i just print a check it’s going to put those signatures on

19:16 there if i have the authority to print the check but if we use workflow and use

19:21 the workflow for these same dollar amounts problem solved so now we have an internal workflow for electronic

19:28 signature control how awesome is that there are one or two other quick little steps that you have to do which is

19:35 using the mccorma specific check layout so we’re going to go to bank report

19:41 selection let that search for a second there we go bank selection

19:48 switch it to check and then choose the proper report id from a corner they have four i think it’s four let’s look at the

19:55 slide um i think it’s four different layouts stub sub check subject stub you get it

20:02 um in this case i use stub stub check so really that easy

20:07 very very powerful honestly one of my favorites so let’s go and see what what do you think

20:13 of that let me know in the chat if you think that’s helpful or maybe you’re already using that maybe you’re

20:19 using a paid version of that from someone else and you didn’t know there was a free version uh let’s let’s let’s

20:25 chat about that and if you have questions about any of these so far save them till the end or put them in the put

20:30 them in the chat box and and we’ll try to aggregate them and try to answer them at the end of the session here so thanks

20:36 for following along let’s let’s get into the next one i forget what number we’re on i probably should have put on the slides uh so here’s another example i

20:43 really like this this is direct from appsource i think it was a screenshot that mccorma

20:48 put out there so here you are the same exact thing we just talked about but maybe um

20:54 you know we have multiple thresholds here so very helpful easy to configure

20:59 and away we go okay next up number five i don’t know find and replace so find and replace is

21:07 a free extension that you can leverage in your business central environment to do exactly that

21:12 search records for a certain value in a certain field and replace it with something else

21:19 now that’s pretty cool uh let’s talk about a quick example here

21:24 so um these are this is the list of the integrations customer vendor contact you

21:30 can read the rest very very helpful let’s go into business central and check out

21:36 one of our customers here just to show you a little bit of how this works free

21:42 so here in my customer card i have

21:48 an email address and this is my email address now as i mentioned earlier my company was

21:54 recently merged with sa global so now i have a new email address and i want to call up to someone and say

22:02 i need you to switch my email address but in this case if i go to the next customer i’ve got it there as well now that’s

22:08 maybe not the greatest example but i wanted to come up with something that was easy with the limited data in here

22:14 so i need to switch that from this email address to my new email address and although it will be really easy to

22:20 do for those two please follow along let’s go and we’ll go to process

22:26 find and replace and i’m gonna say the field

22:32 is help me out here email i’m just gonna search for it

22:39 102. some of you may have known that i didn’t know that search for we’re going to search for

22:46 my old email address and replace it with my new email address

22:52 whoops if i could spell notice down here in the options we could do whole field or any party field

22:59 the same kind of things that we love about find and replace over in excel i’m going to go ahead and say whole

23:04 field i’m not worried about case sensitive and i’m not going to validate this i’m just going to say hey if it matches replace

23:12 it so i’m going to do that do you really want to do it do you really want to do it yeah i do

23:17 there we go i got a warning because i don’t have that tax registration set up and two records were updated in this

23:25 little example so let’s jump in there and just take a look and make sure in fact it was

23:32 and there you have it and there you have it the email address

23:39 was replaced that’s really cool pretty helpful what other use cases can

23:45 you think of let me know in the chat i’d love to hear some ideas there’s got to be times where you had to go change

23:50 things a lot of different places uh and this finding or place may just save you hours of time giving

23:56 you the chance to take a longer lunch all right let’s look at what’s next incoming delivery dashboard okay

24:04 this one is really cool i’ve actually had customers ask me about this and i actually have built one of these before

24:12 and here it is free in the app store in the app source yes don’t say app store appsource incoming delivery dashboard

24:19 basically it’s giving you the ability to look at all the line items in all of your documents orders quotes invoices

24:24 credit memos etc and see them on a single view that even let you

24:30 export to excel let’s take a look it’s real hard to find

24:37 i’m just going to search for dashboard

24:44 incoming delivery dashboard real easy right i even saved it to my home screen by using the bookmark let’s

24:51 open this up so here in my test database not very much in here but look at all these

24:56 filters we can use i’m going to switch this to invoices and i’m going to go to open and as soon as i do that now it

25:03 looks like at first that nothing is being returned but we have to update the line that’s what’s doing the refresh

25:08 it’s re-queuing going back out to the system pulling in all the information look at that now i can see what my

25:13 demand is i can see my expected receipt date for these i can filter use all of the normal uh or uh core business

25:21 central functionality to filter this list to sort things to even share it to teams

25:29 share this link to teams so that your colleague can easily see this list or even cooler open in excel just something

25:36 you can’t you can’t get away from we got in excel now now we can send this over to the to the warehouse crew and we’re

25:42 good to go so that is the incoming delivery dashboard many other ways to filter that

25:48 that’s just a nice easy example we could filter it down by vendor we could filter it down by you know item

25:54 number etc all by using the filter here or the filter up at the top so

25:59 i love that one i think that’s really cool check it out and let me know what you think

26:05 a little bit of screenshots here this is direct from the publisher this was helpful for me to say oh i need to try

26:11 this and it gave me all the info it was super easy to install found the incoming delivery dashboard in

26:17 my search and bam ready to rock and roll love the color coding too very easy

26:22 all right that dashboard was pretty cool but let’s not forget to take a look at this

26:28 easy peasy one doesn’t do much but it does something pretty cool called

26:33 key facts and let’s just get right into what this does so

26:38 we know that we can navigate to see the implications throughout the system from

26:44 a document to see the journal entry to see the tax ledger entries to see the every entry but if we go into posted

26:52 sales invoices and what this little handy dandy um life hack of a free app

26:58 does is it gives us right on our list the navigate in all of the

27:05 entries associated with it without the extra keystrokes so as i move from

27:12 record to record i can quickly easily see what

27:17 and how many entries are associated with that document i love that simple elegant

27:24 fantastic real easy to use nothing more to it solving a problem like that is just a

27:30 game changer in my opinion that’s key facts check that out on the app source on appsource

27:35 and love it like i do what do you think of that let me know in the chat please let

27:40 me know okay so now let’s talk about custom fields this is interesting because again this

27:48 is a common dev request and there are other folks who have solutions for this maybe there’s a small fee associated

27:53 with it or maybe there’s a free child trial but this is free and so we’re going to go into custom fields and i

27:59 always want to type customer when i type custom anybody else do that we’re gonna go to

28:07 um custom field why is it not showing up there we go just took a little bit

28:13 this took a little bit come on spin the hamster wheel faster

28:22 here we go there we go okay custom fields table setup

28:28 it came up in no time right okay let’s go in there and take a look so what i want to do here um i want to have a flag

28:34 on my customer this is available for all these tables all these master records um and i want to have a field on my

28:40 customer called top ten something i thought of as a good good little easy example let’s go into

28:47 customer field setup here is a list of all the um

28:52 custom elements that we can take so i just want to i just want a yes or no a slide a check box if you will true false

28:59 so we’ll come down here to the first one and we’re going to go to

29:06 let’s see edit list and i’m going to go to the first one here i’m going to call this top 10

29:13 and it’s basically yes or no and i’m going to say activate this is

29:19 where earlier i think i was getting a little tripped up on where to activate those mandatory fields it’s definitely

29:25 here in the custom field so i’m going to go ahead activate

29:31 and it’s saved already notice the color change it’s bold that means it’s activated let’s click it again just to

29:37 be sure and i’m going to leave this window and go back out to my customer window my customer list

29:44 and before i do anything um i’m just gonna check something i just

29:49 want you to see something here and i’m gonna do this let this list load and you

29:54 see right away i’ve got top 10 available now i would have had to

30:01 log out and log back in uh through the magic of of this presentation we skipped

30:06 that part but down here under custom fields in our fast tab is the new field

30:11 that i defined as top 10 i turned it on and what this extension does is it

30:16 automatically adds these to your list so if you’ve got two or three of them maybe a date for revaluation or credit

30:23 follow-up or whatever that is it’s going to add it to this list right away because guess what you’re going to want to filter by it

30:29 you’re going to want to filter by it and then you can save that list so now i have everybody who’s flagged for

30:34 whatever it is that’s custom fields it’s just a simple little example on the customer card be sure to check that out

30:40 for all those other master record areas i think you’re gonna like it here’s what i’m not really gonna show in

30:46 business central just gonna talk about it i get this question from time to time often maybe because there was

30:53 an integration at play bringing in the gl implications for certain documents but we still want to

30:59 track like you know the inventory impact or or the activity against the the master record so the question comes in

31:06 how do i post a document or close a document without posting creating the invoice and posting

31:13 gl entries this app free app lets you do that basically what you do is you assign

31:18 reason codes do you want the gl and the invoice or just the invoice or just the gl or none so it gives you the ability

31:24 to create the document and close it or post it without those secondary things so i get this question

31:31 from time to time sometimes it’s part of a new implementation you know where we’re um bringing in net new

31:37 excuse me we’re bringing in the gl balances as part of the implementation maybe through excel import that i showed

31:42 you earlier um but we still have open documents that we need you know open invoices that we need to pay and we

31:48 don’t want it to affect the uh the gl so that might be another good use case what do you think of this

31:54 maybe the controller meme i think this isn’t a good thing but there might be good use cases for this and remember you

31:59 can always uninstall an extension after you use it especially if it’s a one-off so that’s closed

32:05 documents check that out nice little reason code there and here we go so we’re getting to the

32:11 end here stay with me are you having a good time i’m having a great time company picture finder this one is kind

32:17 of cool i i saw this one i thought what could this possibly be basically what this does if we go to

32:23 let’s go to the let’s go to

32:30 contacts yeah let’s go there let’s go to contacts

32:35 then i’ll show you how this works so i doubt you’re going to wind up getting pictures of your vendors right

32:41 like your your accounts uh your account manager at one of your

32:47 vendors you’re likely not going to say smile so i can put your photo in our erp system

32:54 but this little free extension what it does is it based on um

32:59 [Music] based on the company name

33:04 the email and the website sorry i’m going back to the customer because i think that’s going to be easier to do there

33:11 we could do it from the from the contact as well but from here based on

33:16 the email address and the home page is this little extension will search the web

33:24 and return a match for a company image so if you look at mine here i’m going to put in

33:30 let’s see http sa global.com now so i remember i said

33:37 it’s email and home page so when i have that now i can come up to customer picture

33:45 uh is it there let me think for a second let me find it

33:51 fi it’s under actions i apologize under actions i mean i knew that um find company picture so i’m gonna click find

33:57 company picture as long as you have internet which you clearly should since you’re online with

34:02 business central it’s gonna go find the logo or an applicable image

34:08 for that website uh that’s pretty i think that’s pretty cool so let’s do um

34:14 let’s do let’s do bank of america see if it does it oops

34:21 let’s just i haven’t tried this i haven’t tried this

34:27 so let’s see bankofamerica.com now what you have the trick here is if

34:32 there’s a picture that exists already it won’t replace it so you have to delete it that’s my mandatory message i’m going

34:39 to go to actions find company picture let’s see if it works

34:48 did it not work invalid argument

34:54 aren’t all arguments invalid uh let’s try let’s try my life hacks website

35:00 lifehacks365.com and i don’t know if you need the http in

35:06 front let’s find out maybe we have to go to another record there we go it didn’t like the bank of

35:12 america one who knew i guess i didn’t like this one either all right i’m going to come out we’ll

35:17 try one more time leave this in leave this in everybody struggles to figure it out but be determined when you

35:23 can’t figure it out be determined because you can get there i know this will work i must just be doing something wrong i

35:29 don’t know what it is try it try it invalid argument i don’t know let’s move

35:36 on let’s move on i have a screenshot of that working i know it did uh you saw it work for the essay global i don’t know

35:42 why maybe um was i putting it in the wrong field no yeah i don’t know anyway check that out

35:50 i’m sure it’ll work for you i absolutely love that um it was a little quirky there for whatever reason maybe a little

35:56 conflict on my mandatory field maybe that might be it because not every single extension plays well with one

36:02 another and that is exactly why we’ll end where we began do this in a in a

36:07 particularly safe sandbox or test environment not your production environment because it’s not by company and that brings us to the end of our

36:14 session here today for the presentation part here i want you to be sure to join me and stick around for the live q a

36:21 coming up uh just on the other side of this break in my opportunity to say thank you once more for voting me and my

36:27 session into dynamics con yet again feel free to follow me on twitter linkedin wherever else stalk me outside if you

36:32 want uh anyway that’s that’s it about me i’ll see you on the other side thanks so much talk to you soon

36:40 [Music]

36:53 well good day everyone thank you again for joining my session 10 free extensions you should know about

36:59 hopefully you found that uh helpful at very least i after watching

37:04 it again they’re just some there that i think are going to be great addition to everybody’s toolbox so a lot of great

37:10 content uh coming direct from the chat here i’m going to go back through and

37:15 just talk a little bit about some of these questions um and try to cover each one so as i

37:22 mentioned thanks again for joining i totally appreciate the votes and the participation so just a disclaimer some

37:29 of the contents in there i’m not a developer i don’t know um a lot of the rules for

37:35 for uh ml and and al uh extension building and um how that works i know enough to get

37:42 myself in trouble as you probably could tell uh but one of the questions was is the excel journal import and

37:49 extension is it working as a connector so i think if a connector is something that kind of floats out in between the

37:55 two products and in this case that’s not it the import is part of the extension so the code is

38:01 driving the import they’re unlike what you would experience with edit and excel

38:07 um hope that answers the question uh next we got is what’s the difference between built-in excel import and the

38:14 excel journal import you know there are multi tabs here i’m not sure if the built-in does the multi-tabs off the top

38:19 of my head i just happened to come across this one and felt like uh because we could trim down columns and only use

38:25 what we needed that that was pretty cool um and what are the advantages of this versus the edit in excel i don’t know i

38:33 kind of stumble with the edit in excel anybody else stumble with that because sometimes you have to have like

38:38 you know row id or something in there that makes it a little more cumbersome i just thought this was cleaner um

38:44 maybe it’s not for everybody but i really did appreciate this one so why was the emailing in bulk

38:51 using outlook that’s a great question i thought about that too and i believe it’s just because it’s invoking the

38:58 default application on the machine to open uh the email and paste in the

39:04 contact email addresses so that’s why if you noted on that

39:09 example i showed where we had to move it from the 2 to the bcc to keep that there i think it’s just doing it outside the

39:15 product so what did you think about the mandatory fields electronic signature let me know down in the comments here i didn’t get

39:22 any questions on that i don’t believe anyway the find and replace question

39:29 does it work for posted entries no i don’t believe it does i or don’t believe it would um there might be a small

39:36 exception on the description for posted journal entries because you can change that i’d have to test that to see but no

39:43 worth a shot i might dig into that let’s see as we go through here

39:49 first thanks for everybody for helping answer some of these questions we don’t have much time for the q a

39:55 um the presentation will be available on youtube uh you can email me i’m gonna put my

40:01 email in the chat email me if you’d like an advanced

40:07 version of the pdf for the slide i know dynamics con will be distributing that as well but i know

40:13 if you’re like me these are exciting changes that you can take advantage of and you’d like those links to get to

40:18 them so um let’s see

40:27 excel journal import thank you everybody for the nice uh feedback on the presentation jeremy

40:34 asks what free apps are on my wish list wow that i will think about that that’s

40:39 a great one uh great question i’ll have to get back with you on that boy anybody have any free apps

40:46 that are on their wish list put it in the chat over there list says it’s hard to share the live

40:51 the list in the chat um i think she’s talking about the

40:57 list for the links etc but i’ll get that if you email me directly i’ll get that to you so what other questions do we have i try to keep

41:05 up i really appreciate the involvement and the support from the community here

41:10 uh looks like we got everything covered i believe so no other questions looks

41:16 like we’re going to call it a day i hope you have a great rest of the time here at dynamics con be sure to check out my

41:22 personal blog site lifehacks365.com and i will see you over in the breakout

41:27 rooms thanks again everyone [Music]

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