GP #LifeHacks 117: How to Quickly Resolve Navigation List Errors

Navigation Lists in GP are pretty powerful but often ignored for just a few simple reasons.  Either users are not aware of them, or they get errors when trying to open Navigation Lists so they just give up and never circle back to them.

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If you fall into the former group, Navigation Lists can be found by visiting a module within Microsoft Dynamics GP and looking in the left margin (Navigation Pane).  Navigation Lists can save you tons of valuable time by performing many tasks right from within the list itself.  For example, if you wanted to put a few vendors on ‘hold’, or approve multiple workflow documents at once, you could do this right from the list window.

“Focus Shawn!  Tell us more on Navigation Lists in another blog, for today, we want to learn how to fix that pesky error!”  Ok, Ok 🙂 Onto the fix.

As I mentioned, if you have tried using Navigation Lists, you may have received an error – something like rsAccessDenied400The permissions granted to user ‘XXXX’ are insufficient for performing this operation. blah blah blah.

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There is text for a link – I’m sure it does go ‘somewhere’ but the link is incomplete.

Oh well – either way, this error relates to the Reporting Services permissions from SQL Server.  Why is this happening?  Well, when opening a Navigation List, Business Analyzer (Think SSRS) wants to access a few KPI’s and you apparently do not have access to them!  NOOOOO PROBLEMO!!!

You can either resolve your user access to those KPI’s or just turn off Business Analyzer.  You can do this by clicking the Navigation List name (see my example below) and turning off Business Analyzer (CTRL+F2 will do the trick too!).  This setting applies to that specific list, for the user making the change.

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Easy.  But wait.. there are a lot of Navigation Lists, and that’s a painful workaround, for each user!  No problem.  Here is a script to turn off Navigation Lists for every user.  Run this against your system database (mine is currently set as ‘Dynamics’).  This script will turn off Business Analyzer for all users, for all lists, for all companies!

UPDATE DYNAMICS..SY07225 SET FactBoxVisible = 0

If at any time a user wants to use Business Analyzer, all they have to do is go into GP and check Business Analyzer for that list!

By default, any new Navigation List is going to be set to show Business Analyzer.  This can be resolved by creating a simple trigger to update the FactBoxVisible setting to 0 after a new list is created.  Run this script against your system database if you want new lists to automatically ‘hide’ the Business Analyzer.  Name it what you’d like 🙂

dbo.disable_BA_On_Nav_Lists on dbo.SY07225 AFTER INSERT
Update SY07225 SET FactBoxVisible = 0

Of course, you could also resolve the security access to the reports if you want to use the KPI’s… IMHO, KPI’s in the lists take up too much space and slow things down a little – if I need the KPI, I’d rather access them directly through SSRS.

I hope this was helpful!


One thought on “GP #LifeHacks 117: How to Quickly Resolve Navigation List Errors”

  1. Hi, Shawn,

    I found this LifeHack from a link in Amber Bell’s “GP User Workbook”. I’m looking to help out our three new GP users with Navigation lists. Thank you for this performance tip!

    One suggestion: the SQL code examples would be easier to read in a fixed-pitch font. And, as you know, if the bit of SQL code has single quotes around a string and you copy-and-paste it directly into SQL Server Management Studio, the proportionally-spaced font single quotes will render as actual left and right single quote marks in the SQL editor (ASCII 145 and 146), not the plain-jane single quotes (ASCII 39) that SQL accepts.

    Steve Erbach

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