GP #LifeHacks 152: Put individual Payable Documents on Hold

Putting a vendor on ‘Hold’ is a helpful option when we want to prevent any payments from being made against a particular vendor.  This can be done for a variety of reasons, for example, (and my favorite!) we might put a vendor on hold until we receive their W9 document.GPLifeHack 152 Image 1
This allows us to continue entering invoices but prevents payments being made to that vendor…. for all of that vendor’s invoices.
But… wait.  What if I just have a question about a particular invoice and don’t want to accidentally pay it, but do not want to put the vendor on hold?
GP Life Hack #152 – Put individual Payable Documents on Hold

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers the option to place individual vendor transactions on hold, while leaving the vendor off of hold status. This is extremely helpful when we have questions about an invoice – or maybe you are waiting on a credit memo that you will apply to that invoice and you do not want to pay it prematurely?
Within the Purchasing Module, visit Transactions/Hold (drop down menu – Transactions – Purchasing – Holds ) to access this excellent feature!
GPLifeHack 152 Image 2
Take notice in my example that the vendor is NOT on hold but I have flagged a particular transaction as on ‘hold’.  Now I won’t accidentally pay that transaction, but I can drive on with paying my other invoices without any issue.
Individual transactions placed on hold will not be queued up when running a select checks process.
Pro Tip!
This is a great feature!  Take it one step further and use the “Payables Documents on Hold” SmartList to keep these documents on your radar! Oh, and add it to your home screen as a reminder!  SWEET!!!
GPLifeHack 152 Image 3
Applying individual (or bulk!) transaction ‘hold’s can also be done using the Navigation List for Payables Transactions.  Simply visit your Purchasing Module, select ‘Payables Transactions’ from the navigation pane, mark the transactions you want to put on hold, and choose Apply from the ribbon!  #WINNING
GPLifeHack 152 Image 4
I hope you find this helpful!  Please post comments or questions! I would love to hear your feedback!

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