Dynamics GP Workflow Types – By Version Release – As of GP 2018 R2

Since the release of Dynamics GP 2013 R2, Microsoft has been reinventing Workflow and adding new Workflow functionality to each subsequent release.
Since a lot of GP Users are not on the most recent version of GP, I am often asked – “What workflows do I have available to me in my current version?”.
I put together a list of Workflows along with their release version, for your reference (and mine LOL).

GP 2013 R2

  1. Purchase Order Approval
  2. Requisition Approval
  3. Timecard Approval
  4. Timesheet Approval

GP 2015 RTM
Everything above, plus:

  1. GL Batch Approval
  2. Receivables Batch Approval
  3. Payables Batch Approval
  4. Vendor Approval
  5. Employee Profile Approval
  6. Employee Skills Approval
  7. Direct Deposit Approval
  8. W4 Approval
  9. Expense Report Approval

GP 2015 R2
Everything above, plus:

  1. Payables Transaction Approval
  2. Smartlist Approval
  3. Allow Document Attachments to some workflows

GP 2016 RTM
Everything above, plus:

  1. Word Templates for Batch Approvals

GP 2016 R2
Everything above, plus:

  1. Navigation Lists were added

GP 2018 RTM
Everything above, plus:

  1. GL Account Approval
  2. Purchasing Receipt Approval
  3. Purchasing Invoice Approval

GP 2018 R2
Everything above, plus:

  1. Sales Transaction Approval

Workflow by Release.png
I’ll update this as needed.

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