GP #LifeHacks 128: How to apply the payroll tax updates – Dynamics GP

Microsoft has released the most recent tax rate changes for GP Payroll, and you want to get them in your system. No problem!
It’s not as hard as you think but it does have some requirements and precautions that come along with the process.
Below is a quick step by step guide on how to get this task accomplished, along with some words of ‘wisdom’ (ok, I know, humor me!)

Things to know:

  1. When can I do this?
    • The year end tax rates should be applied at the appropriate time. For example, if you are applying the rates for the new year, be sure that all your previous year transactions are complete for payroll. Any new transaction will use the updated rates.
  2. Who can do this?
    • A user with elevated SQL permissions – for the most part, that means SA or DYNSA.
  3. Do I do this for each company?
    • No, this is a system change. It can be done in any company (even a test company or Fabrikam) and it will update the other companies connected to your system database.
  4. What do I need?
    • Well, you’re at work (likely), so don’t reach for the wine bottle… but you will need your authorization number. This is usually your company’s main phone number. Your partner can help you with this, if not… well, they should be able to help you with this 🙂
    • As an alternative, Microsoft offers a SQL script you can run against your system database. I am not covering that in the steps below, but it is available and a suitable option.
    • Have a good backup in place – this is a smooth process but be a boy scout and be ready!

Ok, so now let’s get to it!
Logged in as SA or DYNSA, navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP/Maintenance/US Payroll Updates/Check for UpdatesUpdate Taxes Blog 1.JPG

This will open up the Payroll Tax Update Window – Choose AutomaticUpdate Taxes Blog 2.JPG

Click NextUpdate Taxes Blog 3a

Here is where you enter your authorization number (no, the # in the picture won’t work LOL).
Then choose Log in
If you have already applied the current tax rate, you will get a message telling you.Update Taxes Blog 4a.JPG

If you click YES – OR, if you have not applied the most recent version, the Tax update will begin and quickly move through updating the tax tables.Update Taxes Blog 4b1.JPG

Update Taxes Blog 4b

Once it is complete, Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP/Tools/Setup/System/Payroll Tax.Update Taxes Blog 5

This will open up your Payroll Tax Setup window where you can verify the latest tax release date. Note that this won’t be today’s date (unless you do it on the same day it’s released, very unlikely) but rather the date Microsoft released the tax update.Update Taxes Blog 6

That’s it! Well, kind of – have payroll run a test build/calculate on an employee or two and verify the results.
Thanks for reading!

Shawn Dorward
Microsoft MVP, Business Solutions | LinkedIn | Twitter | GPUG | MSDYNGP
Original Post: How to apply the payroll tax updates – Dynamics GP

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