MBS Podcast #003: Meeting dos and don'ts – I'm sorry, I was on mute.

Meeting dos and donuts… I mean don’ts.

MBS Podcast 003

Today we’ll be talking about Conference Calls and meetings. Listen in as we talk about do’s and don’ts for attending and managing calls and meetings. Don’t be surprised if we get off topic, while we make each other laugh.

Is the third time the charm?? Maybe not… either way, welcome to our third episode!

Our first two episodes have been HUGE hits!  Click the link below to listen or find us on your favorite podcast app!  With literally tens of people tuning in to our first two episodes, I can feel the fame sinking in!  We have had requests for more episodes from folks all around the country…  like Springfield, Illinois (or Missouri… or wherever Springfield really is…) and even from the WHITE HOUSE!  Yes, my neighbor has a white house… like I said, TENS of listeners!
In our third episode, we get a little off topic, as usual – so be sure to join us and hear about the shirtless delivery driver who has to pee a lot!  Ok, that’s a stretch, but we do have some fun with this one so check it out!
I had a lot of fun chatting with Belinda and Mark about this topic.  They won’t admit it, but I feel certain they had fun too!  After all, hanging out with me is always a blast!  At least that’s what I tell myself… do you agree?  Yes, I do.
Do you have any interesting or funny conference call stories?  Post them in the comments below!
I hope you enjoy it!

Title/Link Meeting dos and don’ts – I’m sorry, I was on mute!
Podcast Number 003
Release Date 05/11/2018
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