GP #LifeHacks 163: Smartlists gone WILD!! Search Functionality explained

One of the MANY things that sets Dynamics GP apart from other ERP solutions… SMARTLISTS BABY!!!
Smartlists are a linear list of your data.  You can customize them easily but out of the box, there are lists for all transactions, vendors, customers, and TONS of other things.
With the SmartList tool (free/included with Microsoft Dynamics GP) you have the ability to do some valuable filtering of your data… this filtering is made available through data ‘Search’ options.
A simple search example would be, show me all the transactions for Vendor XYZ… and BOOM, there they are… but what if your search is a little more complex that that?  Let’s take a look at the options for basic and advanced search functionality.

So why is this so important to share?  I work with hundreds of GP users and many of them struggle with this in one way or another… the challenge is understanding how the search functionality works and relating it to your data requirements.  Often I see folks combine two different SmartLists when they could use just one… so let’s take a look at how to do this.

Search Options Series

In this series, I will cover the functionality of the Search window for SmartLists.
Below is an outline of the related posts for your reference and review (click the header to see the page).

Maximum Records & Search Types (And/Or Logic)

SmartList search options are often overlooked.  Take a look at this post to understand what each of the options are for and how you can put them to good use!  Don’t stop here, visit each page and build as they build on each other.

Using basic search requirements AND Field comparisons!

A brief walk through of the basic functionality using search.  This also covers the, often overlooked, field comparison option.  We will cover advanced tools in the next post but be sure to review the basics first!

Advanced Search Options – Wildcards and ANY FIELD Searches

Take a walk on the wild(card) side and see how they can help take your data search to the next level!  In this post I explain each wildcard option and give functional examples.  Do you have others?  Share them in the comments!
Be on the look out for other posts regarding this – I will be sure to circle back and add some more fun examples!
Save your work!  Create SmartList Favorites for repetitive searches!!
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