SmartList Search Options – Maximum Records & Search Types (And/Or Logic)

As part of a SmartList Search series (which can be found here), we will discuss the search options available in the search window.
Search options are found at the bottom of the SmartList search window.  There are two options available; Maximum Records and Search Type.  In addition to these two options, I will also talk about the three buttons below the search options (Clear All, Columns, Order By).

SmartList Search Options 001

Maximum Records

This field is used to set the maximum records that the search will return.  In my example above the value is 1,000.  This defaults from the SmartList system options (Tools/Setup/System/SmartList Options).
Having a low value, like 1000, can be helpful when setting up or testing your SmartLists.  You can always hit the ‘Stop’ button to cancel the return of records, but if this value is too high, it can take a good bit of time to finish running the SmartList.
On the other side of that coin, this low of a value can cause data reliability issues.  For example, if I have it set at 1,000 and I forget to change it, I might THINK I have all the data I need, but in fact I only have the first 1,000 rows of data… so be cautious and be sure to set this amount appropriately.

Search Type

The Search Type has two drop down options; “Match All” and “Match 1 or More”.  Match All uses ‘and’ logic (Search Definition 1 AND Search Definition 2, etc) while “Match 1 or More” uses ‘or’ logic (Search Definition 1 OR Search Definition 2, etc).  These can not be combined.  If you want to learn more about alternatives for combining and/or type searches, check out the Wildcard posts for this blog series.
SmartList Search Options 004.png


Clear All – Easy, this wipes out the current settings for the search window and gives you a clean ‘palette’.
Columns – This opens up the column selection window where you can organize the columns for the search result, and even add new columns!
SmartList Search Options 002.png
Order by – This option button brings up the order by window where you can select fields from the left and move them to the right, creating the sort by criteria you might be looking for!
SmartList Search Options 003.png
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