SmartList Search Options – Using basic search requirements AND Field comparisons!

As part of a SmartList Search series (which can be found here), we will discuss how to use the search window for basic search requirements.  Requirements can go beyond basic, don’t worry, we talk about that too!

Basic Search Options

Each SmartList can be filtered… and they can be filtered by multiple values.  Each filter criteria is called a Search Definition.  There are 4 available in the SmartList search.  For example, if I wanted a list of GL Transactions for account 000-1100-00, I can do that, but I can also add additional criteria.  How about GL Transactions for account 000-1100-00 AND only those transactions that posted on May 31, 2017.  I can do that too.

Smartlist Search 163 - 001
Pretty Cool… I know. 🙂  In the example above, I am using the search type ‘Match All’ – this basically equates to ‘and’ – so the first search definition must be matched AND the second search definition must also be matched.
SmartLists can have up to 4 different search criteria.  Search criteria can use the ‘and’ logic, or the ‘or’ logic… that is determined in the bottom right, under search type.  So, for example, maybe I want GL Account 000-1100-00 OR 000-2200-00.  I can do that by identifying the two accounts using two search definitions and changing my search type to “Match 1 or more”.  A bit more on the and/or logic can be found here.
Smartlist Search 163 - 002.png
How about a date comparison?  Or some other two field comparison criteria?  A common use of this is finding transactions where the posting date and the transaction dates do not match.  Often users think this isn’t possible, but it is!

Field Comparison

Do you see that little checkbox called Field Comparison?  That’s the guy I am referring to!  It’s easy to use and it only takes up one of the 4 search options.  In my example here, I am searching for vendor transactions posted on 04/12/2027 but have a transaction date that is different than the posting date.  This type of search is EXTREMELY helpful for reconciliation issues… note that I am searching for dates that do not match but I could also say things like, Document Date < Posting Date.
Smartlist Search 163 - 003.png
But wait… let’s go back to GL Accounts for this next example… what if I want to filter (search) for either 000-1100-00 OR 000-2200-00  (OR logic) AND only those with a transaction date of 04/17/2028.  This poses a bit of a challenge because the search type ‘Match 1 or more’ or ‘match all’ is for the entire list of search definitions… in my example, I want a little of both (hey, I’m greedy, I know).
Enter wild cards.  Click here to learn more about wildcards and to perform the advanced search I mentioned above.
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