GP #LifeHacks 147: Show Unused Codes On Paystub With YTD Information!

Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP is packed with tons of cool functionality… most importantly.. making sure everyone gets paid! 🙂
How about those deductions and benefits… yup, it handles those too, all represented on the employee pay stub… SWEET!
But what happens when a code is inactivated part way through the year… the code no longer shows up on the statement!?!?!?! YIKES!
That’s OK, you can change a simple setting to get them to show up, automatically… keeping your employee’s happy and showing that very valuable YTD amount… especially come close to the end of the year, right?
Here’s how:

Now, this can be valuable even if you aren’t worried about inactive codes… showing YTD balances is helpful to employees… some folks elect to turn them on, some don’t, but if it were me, I would want to see the YTD info… turning this on is easy:
Visit HR&Payroll/Payroll/Setup/Payroll/Payroll
This will open the Payroll Setup Window:  Once here, click on the options button.
This will open the Payroll Setup Options Window… take a look at that box at the bottom.
If you want a code to print on the pay stub or earnings statement… check the box!  BAMM!  And if it has a YTD value for that code… well, it will now print for you, even if the employee had no transactions for the current pay cycle for that code!  SWEET!
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