Jet Reports – How do I install it?

Jet Reports is easy to install.  Once you have the file downloaded (visit here) you are ready to install the add-in for Excel.

Financial Reporting for Dynamics GP… if you export it to Excel from Management Reporter, why not just START in Excel, right?

Here is how to install Jet Reports:

Double Click on the file saved from the download step.
Next Click Run:
The Jet Reports Installer will launch.  Click Install.
After Clicking install, the installer will run through the installation process.
Once complete, click Finish.
After Clicking Finish – make a selection for the Customer Experience Improvement Program.6
And then lastly… register your account.  This is what grants access to use Jet Reports… a license if you will….
After Clicking Submit, you will now see the Jet Ribbon in Excel – Excel will open automatically for you.
That it!  Jet Reports is now installed… next we need to connect to our data source.

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