Dynamics GP & Power BI – Resolve Error: This login failed

This blog post is part of a series of blogs designed to help a business understand the interaction between Dynamics GP and Power BI, how to setup Power BI with Dynamics GP and what some of the options are for this functionality.  This write up was done using Dynamics GP 2018.
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How to resolve “This login failed. Attempt to login again or contact your system administrator” error when connecting to Client ID

Resolve Power BI Error: This login failed

The error below may be presented when trying to update the Client ID in the Reporting Tools Setup window for Power BI.
GPPBI - 11- 1a
As best I can tell, this error results when the Client ID does not match a previously authenticated Client ID.  This can also happen if the Client ID is no longer available.  There may be other reasons that this occurs.  In short, the fix is to remove the authentication information from the Dynamics GP System database.
The table that holds this is syADALTokenCache.  Doing a simple select statement will show that it holds one record in my environment.  Note that my system database name is DYNGP18RTM while yours will likely by DYNAMICS.
GPPBI - 11- 2a
In my example, I have just one record – because only one user has authenticated.  Be sure to delete the record that applies to the user that is having the issue.  If you delete good/working authentications, you will need to re-authenticate each one.  Delete the record in this table (Delete syADALTokenCache where UserID = ‘Replace with Actual UserID’).  After the record is removed, return to GP and you will now be prompted to re-authenticate when updating the client ID and hitting OK.
Problem solved!
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