Looking for the MS Connect replacement for Dynamics GP?

The MS Connect site, which was the one-stop repository for ideas/suggestions/bug fixes relating to Dynamics GP (among other things) was retired not too long ago.

Since then, I have had many discussions, online and in person, regarding its replacement. And so far, the replacement was ‘in the works’… until now.

I stumbled upon this on the “Ideas” website today. (Keep reading!) I was actually visiting the site to research something relating to Dynamics 365… but then I saw this little Gem.

Ideas 1 - 1

So I clicked it and saw this!

Ideas 1 - 2a

Before we go too far… I know what you are thinking… the “SUGGEST A NEW IDEA” button won’t really work… will it? That’s what I thought… but hey, it did! It was easy to sign in so I quickly posted 3 suggestions that came to the top of my mind.

I didn’t consult my official list of ideas, it’s Friday, late… and I am trying to pack for the #MVPSummit trip coming up in just 1.5 days, but yeah… I clicked it… and I liked it!

Try it for yourself:

Click Here —>>>  Submit Dynamics GP Ideas

Be sure to book mark the page and visit often!

I believe some of the old content from MS Connect will be migrated to this portal… but in the mean time… We have ideas… and we need to be heard! Go submit and Vote!

Thanks for reading!


Shawn Dorward

Microsoft MVP, Business Solutions

GPLifeacks.com | LinkedIn | Twitter | GPUG | MSDYNGP

Original Post: https://gplifehacks.com/2018/03/03/looking-for-the-ms-connect-replacement/

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