GP #LifeHacks 105: Using Custom Links to Track Packages, Add Images and More!

Dynamics GP is bursting at the seems with tons of functionality just waiting to get utilized and in this blog series, I will explore the custom links feature.
“Custom Links” is a feature available on many windows in GP and can be a huge help for folks by adding, well… Custom Links to those windows 🙂  (Teaser:  I will show you how to add Inventory Item Images and how to add links to track shipments!)
In this series, I will cover all the available functionality and also share  some very cool use cases that you might be able to incorporate in your organization today!

Custom Links are setup under Administration/Setup/Company/Custom Links
Custom Links 001
This will open up your Custom Links setup window.  In the setup window you can add, modify, remove or edit custom links.
Custom Links 004.png
Each Custom Link is a link to data stored on the Internet Information window for a specific record.  Once a custom link is created, it is available pretty much anywhere that the record type has a ‘drill down’ like link available.  For example, if I were to setup a custom link to an employee photo, I can get to it anywhere the employee master record is ‘drillable’.
Custom Links 002.png
The system gives us the ability to add custom links to: Checkbooks, Credit Cards, Currency, Customers, Employees, Exchange Rates, Items, Salespersons, Tracking Numbers and Vendors.
Custom Links 003
Below is a listing of Custom Link setup blog posts, I’ve taken some of my favorite use cases and walk through them – by ‘Prompt’ type.  In each I include some examples – if you have any other cool uses, please post comments and share them!

Checkbooks/Credit Cards/Currency

Customer Custom Links

Employee Custom Links

Item Custom Links

Vendor Custom Links

Skype for Business – How to start a Chat or Phone call from within Dynamics GP

Coming Soon:
Tracking Shipments Custom Links
I hope this is helpful!  Check them out and let me know how you use this to save time!!
Thanks for reading!

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