Custom Links – Adding Custom Links for Checkbooks, Credit Cards and Currency

As part of a Custom Link blog series (which can be found here), we will discuss adding custom links to specific areas in Dynamics GP.

Creating Custom Links for Checkbooks, Credit Cards and Currency

Custom links for these three areas are pretty straight forward.  This option allows us to add shortcuts, by master ID, to websites pertinent to that ID.  We can also add links to files!  Let’s look at this more together.

For this post, we will focus on checkbooks, however, it is the same process for Credit Cards and Currency options.  Simple change the prompt to the appropriate type and you are good to go!
The links can be set to available for ALL checkbooks, or you can even set up the link specific to each checkbook ID!!!
Custom Links are setup under Administration/Setup/Company/Custom Links
For example, we could add a link to the banks website – makes sense!
Custom Link Checkbook 001.png
Notice that my example is set to ALL checkbook ID’s.  Also note that the Custom Link label is something I typed, so be sure to use something specific and user friendly.

Link to a File, by checkbook ID

We could also add a link to a file – this is pretty cool – imagine how helpful this would be to automatically link to your excel refreshable reports or any other file?
Even cooler?  You can link to different files for different checkbooks!!! NICE!
We are going to use the Internet Address line to point to our file location.
Custom Link Checkbook 005.png
In my example above, I am specifying which checkbook this link is for.  Take a look at the Bank Transactions window below – I haven’t populated the checkbook yet, so no additional custom link is shown.
Custom Link Checkbook 003.png
But as soon as I pick the checkbook that matches the link I created, NOW it’s available! SAWEET!!!
Custom Link Checkbook 004.png
Do you have any Custom Link examples for Checkbooks? Share them in the comments below!  What about Credit Cards, how are will you use custom links there?
Be sure to check out the series main page for links and examples of creating custom links for other areas of Dynamics GP!
Thanks for reading!

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