GP #LifeHacks 200: Replace Management Reporter with Jet Reports

Some time ago Microsoft announced that Management Reporter was no longer going to get development support.  This meant that it was time to start exploring options to replace MR internally for financial reporting.  No rush, MR isn’t going away soon, but why not explore…

Here is a link with some information about this:

At the same time that the announcement occurred, Microsoft also announced a FREE solution to report our financials… FREE… plus it is EXCEL based.  WHAT?!?!?! Awesome, I know!!

Jet Express (Now called Jet Basics) is 100% FREE and does a great job of utilizing Excel and connecting directly to your GP data source for financial reporting… don’t let FREE push you away… it is a VERY powerful free tool and can replace Management Reporter.

Jet Basics is a great way to get started with financials in Excel.  Jet Reports takes it one step further… and it’s totally awesome!!!

In this series I will break down how to install Jet Reports and how to build out your first simple reports.

What is it, and how do I Download Jet Reports
Install Jet Reports
Connect to Datasource
Run GP Update Utility
Download Sample Reports (Check back soon for link!)
Understanding Jet Reports Security (Check back soon for link!)
Building a Trial Balance (Check back soon for link!)
Building an Income Statement (Check back soon for link!)
Building a Balance Sheet (Check back soon for link!)
Building a Cash Flow Statement (Check back soon for link!)
Common Jet Reports Functions (Check back soon for link!)

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Don’t forget to checkout this handy report options whitepaper!!

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