Custom Links – Change Which App is Used When Making a Phone Call

In earlier posts for the Custom Link series, I shared how you can setup a custom link to invoke a phone call using Skype for Business… directly from within Microsoft Dynamics GP!

In this article, I will be sharing a quick update on how to switch from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.

Generally businesses are using Skype for Business, and upon install, this becomes the default application for invoking phone calls.  But with the increasing development on Teams, and the growing desire to change from Skype for Business to Teams… how do you tell the software to use Teams for phone calls instead of Skype?

It’s actually much easier then you would think… it’s not a change in Business Central, but a change on your computer.

Let’s take a look:  First, go to “Default App Settings” – this easiest done by searing for this using Cortana… once the Default Apps window opens, scroll down until you see “Choose default apps by protocol”.

1 Default Protocol

Next scroll down until you see the protocol “TEL”:

2 Select Tel protocol.jpg

Click on the current default to change it to another application (In my case above, I’m using Skype for Business – then select Microsoft Teams.

3 Switch from Skype to Teams.jpg

That’s it!  Close out the settings windows and now when clicking a custom link associated to a phone number within Dynamics GP –  Teams will be invoked rather than Skype for Business:

5 Call Vendor

4 Open Teams from BC

I hope that helps!

Thanks for reading!


Shawn Dorward

Microsoft MVP, Business Applications | LinkedIn | Twitter | GPUG | MSDYNGP


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